Boys & Girls Club Receives Strong Nod of Approval from Tennessee State Legislators and County Head

article posted 01/28/2015
In a meeting which involved state and locally elected officials, the Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area received a strong nod of approval. On January 9, 2015 the Board of Directors met with state Senate, Legislative and County elected officials to discuss initiatives presented by the club's President / CEO Dr. Anthony Tricoli. “We are excited about these initiatives and the direction this club is moving,” said Representative Dr. John Forgety; “Our children need these programs and we are delivering an outstanding community service,” said Mayor Tim Yates; “I am very excited about what I see here at the Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area, 2015 is going to be a watershed year for this Club,” said Senator Mike Bell. Representative Jimmy Matlock added to these comments by saying, "The children of Monroe County are the future of our community. I have talked with Dr. Tricoli and various Board members about the work being done at the Club….this organization is helping our children and youth to gain the educational and social strengths they will need to be successful. I wholeheartedly support the initiatives of the Club." “For the past year, our Club has been forging new ground; and we are just about to announce some very exciting news,” said Chairman of the Board Paul Wilson. On the table for discussion is an innovative project which could provide an opportunity for the Boys and Girls Club to link with local colleges in a mentoring program which would enable children and youth to become involved in civic engagement and service learning. “To our knowledge there isn't another program quite like this in the nation,” said Board Member Tracie Hall. “Having served as an educator most of my life,” said Dr. John Forgety - “I'm very pleased to see that a strong emphasis is being placed on learning, education, and community service for the children who attend the Boys and Girls Club.” Mayor Yates said, “I am particularly happy to see that are local children and youth are being involved in programs that stimulate their mind, body and spirit. These types of programs are exactly why the County of Monroe continues to support this organization year after year.” The Club currently has hundreds of thousands of dollars in requests for grants submitted for a variety of programs and services that would be provided by the Club's staff here in Monroe County. Danny Gardner, Staci Self, and Patricia Taylor are focused on identifying grants which will help the Club to continue delivering outstanding programs for the children and youth served by the Club. “We are working toward always having about $1 million in funding requests in the pipeline at any given time. This is how we can best guarantee fiscal solvency and a continuum of outstanding programs for our children and youth here in Monroe County,” said Dr. Anthony Tricoli. The projects about which the Club’s staff and children are most excited include the Summer Garden Project which enabled children to learn about STEM technologies, and the Summer Brain Gain Program that assures that children don’t lose any of the education they gained during the school year. In addition, exercise programs that focus on Healthy Living and Lifestyles Project appear to be important to staff and the children they serve at the Club. Dr. Tricoli was quick to point out that the Summer Garden Project was made possible with the support of the Farm Bureau Board of Directors and Sam Curtis, also Bill Sloan - owner of Sloan’s Hardware, plus several employees of the NRCS, USDA, and TN Farm Service Agency including Preston Hawkins, Lois Garren, Leon Tillman, Ryan Soloman and several others. “It is wonderful that we can continue to provide the children of the Club with these services,” said longtime Board Member Dr. David Kefauver. He continued, “These children and their families here in Monroe County need our help; and we are making a positive impact.” One of the greatest challenges the club has is in raising funds to feed the children throughout the year and over the summer months. “The Club provides our children with about 120,000 meals and snacks annually; so any support we receive from the local community on this front is deeply appreciated,” says Joe Crabtree Secretary to the Board. “We are gathering data and studying that data to identify the greatest ways we can positively impact our children, we like what we see in our results,” said Board Member Joe Marlette. “One of the best ways we showcase our Club is when community members come out and tour our Club - actually our kids lead those tours - and everyone who has taken these tours loves what they see, and they love meeting our kids, “ said Board Member Phil Harrington. I encourage the club to continue its work developing partnerships with other agencies in the region for the benefit of all agencies and in particular the children who are benefitting from this Boys and Girls Club,” said Dr. Forgety.