$25,000 to the B&G Club from the East Tennessee Foundation

article posted 07/01/2015
By: Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli, President/CEO............The East Tennessee Foundation has awarded the Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area with a grant valued at $25,000.00 through the Grubb/Sumner Fund for Monroe County. These funds will be used by the Club to assist it in meeting its mission – to provide assistance with club fees for existing members and new-to-the-Club children with scholarship opportunities to attend summer session programs which are focused on maintaining academic success (regardless of their socioeconomic or cultural background), building healthy living and lifestyles, and developing strong character and leadership skills. Of course, our overarching goal is to reduce generational poverty by implementing activities which empower our children and build upon the Club’s belief that all children and youth involved in the Club can learn to be responsible, self-reliant, and contributing members of the community in which the live. Trudy Hughes said, “The East Tennessee Foundation is honored to partner with the Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area in supporting programs which encourage young people to grow and develop to their utmost abilities and aspirations. We value our work throughout the region…..Monroe County is home for me, so I am doubly pleased to be working with this organization and communities!” “ETF enjoys collaborating with many organizations throughout our region. One great example is The Boys and Girls club of the Monroe Area which is serving children in significant and valuable ways…our donors so value the accomplishments and want to encourage and support this continued work,” said Mike McClamroch, President and CEO of the East Tennessee Foundation. Thinking back on the relationship between the East Tennessee Foundation and the Boys and Girls Club Paul Willson, Chairman of the Board for the Boys and Girls Club commented, “Our relationship with the ETF and the Grubb/Sumner Fund goes back nearly two decades, they have been an outstanding supporter to many organizations in East Tennessee, the Boys and Girls Club is fortunate to have such a wonderful friend and partner supporting our local children in this way for all of these years.” Patsy Carson said, “I have been pleased to participate on the Monroe County arm of the East Tennessee Foundation at least 18 years. I am also aware of the great good the Boys and Girls Club does for the children and families of Monroe County, so when the request for funds from the Club’s CEO, Dr. Anthony Tricoli came across my desk I was more than pleased to do what I could to assist. I believe in this Club whole heartedly, and I support their work and the direction in which it is moving. We are fortunate to have the Boys & Girls Club in our region of East Tennessee.” The East Tennessee Foundation and the Grubb/Sumner Fund in Monroe County in particular recognize the good work the Club has been enjoying for nearly twenty years. Our data indicates that our children do better in school, stay out of trouble, enjoy the safe and supportive environment the Club provides after school, enjoys the assistance they get help on their homework, and the fun they have exercising, learning about healthy habits and lifestyles, building strong morals and learning to develop good character, plus the Club is a place where they can make lifetime friends. We are grateful to the East Tennessee Foundation and their donors, especially those who support programs for children and youth. Each donation that we receive to support our children and youth is a donation to support and build the future of our region, state and country. To learn more about your local Boys & Girls Club, or to participate in our Scholarship Program……where you can help a child who might not otherwise have to opportunity to attend the Club, please call us at (423) 442-6770 and make arrangements to visit the Club and meet our children soon. They just love visitors!