B&G Club and Hiwassee College Partner for Healthy Teeth!

article posted 07/05/2015
By: Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli, President/CEO...........The Boys Club of the Monroe Area is non-profit organization focused on three major goals: 1) Improving the academic success of our members; 2) Providing opportunities for leadership and character development; and 3) Providing children and youth with the skills they need to make good decisions regarding healthy living and lifestyles. Our overarching goal is to eliminate generational poverty among our Club members. The Club is currently implementing a Triple Play Program; this is a grant which is funded in part by the East Tennessee Foundation’s Grubb/Sumner Fund, and the National Headquarters of the Boys and Girls Club of America. Through this grant, our work encourages the building of mind, body, and soul. However, and admittedly, very little work has been planned in the area of dental hygiene. So we are extremely excited about partnering with Hiwassee College in in their grant application which was successful and resulted in the purchase and operation of a mobile dental hygiene clinic. This is particularly pertinent to the Boys & Girls Club because we serve children at seven different communities throughout Monroe County. “After having served as a dentist for over 33 years, I know the effects of poor dental hygiene. Encouraging our children to get an early start brushing and flossing and generally taking care of their teeth can have a positive impact throughout their life. This partnership that Dr. Anthony Tricoli has created with the Hiwassee College Dental Hygiene Program will provide our children with the necessary information they need to care for their teeth, and it will be a lesson they will use every day of their life,” said longtime Club Board Member and local Dentist Dr. Jim Dash. The impact that such a grant would have on this Central Appalachian Region could be phenomenal. Seventy percent of the children we serve annually live at or below the level of poverty. I should also note that many of our children have indicated that they have never seen a dentist. Thus, the short term impact could be immediate and tremendous. The long term impact (the delivery of dental hygiene for children throughout the Region) could go a long way with helping us to accomplish, in part, our goal of teaching our young people how to be responsible for their own health. Andy Pennington said, “I was taught as a child the importance of maintaining healthy teeth. As we all know, those healthy teeth are an important part of a maintaining a healthy life. I am very happy that the Club and the Dental Hygiene Program at Hiwassee College are partnering in this way.” We are pleased to partner with Hiwassee College and to be afforded this wonderful opportunity of dental training and care by the Hiwassee College Dental Hygiene Program. If you would like to become involved as a volunteer helping children in Monroe County please give the Boys & Girls Club as call (423) 442-6770. The Club needs volunteers to read to children, help them with their mathematics, toss a ball, or teach them how to draw or sing. Consider volunteering today!