Marilyn and Ralph Depew TAKE-A-TOUR

article posted 08/12/2015
By: Dr. Anthony S. Tricoli, President/CEO...... The Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area has a standing and open invitation to all community members to visit their nearest Club and take-a-tour of the facility and hear all about the programs the Club offers to children every day after school lets out. The best part about these tours is that our community has an opportunity to meet our kids! Last week Ralph and Marilyn Depew stopped by to see the Club. Their tour was led by the three young ladies in the photo; they are the Club members pictured here with Ralph and Marilyn. The Club kids toured Marilyn and Ralph through the kids eating and game room; then they showed off their reading room and art room, and finally they visited the computer room and kitchen. Some of the Club staff members talked with Ralph about the good ‘ole days when Ralph was their school principal. Memories flowed throughout the visit about Ralph’s experience at Sweetwater High School, and Madisonville Jr. High School. After a short game of Corn Hole with the kids, Marilyn indicated she would be back to read to the younger children at the Club sometime soon. Marilyn said, “I love what I see happening here for our children. The focus on their education and on character and leadership development will help these children forever. This is a very positive place with a very good mission. The Board and Club leadership are doing a wonderful job and I hope they keep doing this for many years.” Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Depew left the Club with a kind gift to help the Club to continue its good work with local children. If you are interested to see what’s happening at your local Boys and Girls Club just give us a call and we will arrange a tour for you (423) 442-6770.