Nurse Kristina Sharing Time with Children

article posted 08/31/2015
By: Dr. Anthony Tricoli, President/CEO........................ When we were a little younger, we all had ideas about what we want to be when we grew up. I remember playing in the front yard with my friends one afternoon when one child said, “When I grow up, I’m going to be an astronaut.” Almost immediately and somewhat in unison, the other children chimed in, “I want to be a policeman, a teacher, a model, a nurse. Periodically, I think back at those front yard discussions with my neighborhood friends, and I wonder if Johnny became a policeman or if Sally became a nurse. Recently, I joined our Boys & Girls Club children in their play room where I asked several of them, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” Amazingly, I heard some of the same jobs/professions bantered around that I recall hearing when I was and 9 years old. However, I heard “NURSE!!” yelled out quite loudly by several of our children. So, I wondered to myself, maybe I could get a nurse to join us and talk with the children about what it’s really like to be a nurse. Fortunately, I asked the perfect person that question in only my first ask. Kristina Hiefnar said, “Yes, I would love to talk with your children.” And she did……and it was a great success!” Of course, the fact that Kristina is warm and friendly (and loves children) might have helped a bit in keeping the attention of 60 children in a room while she talked of her experience as a nurse. The questions by the children came fast and furious, and were handled beautifully by Nurse Kristina. During the few days that Kristina met with our children she had peaked the interest of many of them from Madisonville, Vonore, and Sweetwater, and now they understand that being a nurse is a very important job, and one which every child should explore before they settled in on being an astronaut (although there’s nothing wrong with being an astronaut either). We are thankful for Nurse Kristina for her visit with our children and youth, and we hope you enjoy these few photos as much as our children enjoyed meeting Nurse Kristina. If you would like to share your job or career with our children, we just know they’d love to meet you and hear all about it. Just give us a call (423) 442-6770, and let’s arrange a meeting with the kids of the Club!