Tricoli named CEO of B&G Club

article posted 09/23/2013

The Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area said it is excited to make a announcement on its leadership status this past week.

"Dr. Anthony Tricoli has been unanimously selected to lead the Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area to the next stage in our development," said Paul Willson, chairman of the Board.  "We are very pleased that Dr. Tricoli will be joining us on a permanent basis as our new president/CEO. Since March of this year, Dr. Tricoli has been serving as our interim leader. He has done an outstanding job in particular with our budget and finances."
Dr. Tricoli started his tenure with the Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area more than a year ago when he was inducted as one of the Board members. Then when Jamison Sliger stepped down to take a different job, Dr. Tricoli was asked by the Board to step in and lead the organization on an interim basis.

During the past 35 years, Dr. Tricoli has served as a college dean, an executive vice president, a vice chancellor, and for the past 10 years as a college president in California and Georgia. In 2011 he was named the nation's top governance leader from among all 4,000 college and university presidents by the American Association of University Professors, and he was named the Top Customer Service Leader from among the state's 44,000 employees by the former chancellor of the University System of Georgia.

Then in 2012, Dr. Tricoli received a formal Resolution from the Georgia State Legislature for his leadership success as a college president. He led his former college to finish among the top five institutions in the nation in civic engagement; and he created the first partnership in the nation from among all two-year colleges with the national office of the EPA.
In California, Dr. Tricoli received accolades as the Top Educator by the Coalinga Chamber of Commerce, and he was recognized by the California State Senate and the California State Legislature for his leadership success in higher education in that state. Dr. Tricoli has twice received recognition from the U.S. Congress, first in 2005 for Outstanding Educational Leadership in California from Congressman Jim Costa, and in 2008 for Outstanding and Invaluable Service to the Community in Georgia from Congressman Hank Johnson.

When asked his thoughts about his selection Dr. Tricoli said, "I am excited to be joining one of the best non-profit organizations in the nation. From 1964-1970, I was a member when it was the Boy's Club, and that experience changed my life forever. How fortunate I am to be able to give back in this way. The Boys & Girls Club supports children and youth, and helps families in a way that no other organization in the world does. Here in East Tennessee, these six sites are impacting generational poverty like nothing else I've experienced. I am very happy to partner with the Board of Directors in my new role. I look forward to helping the Board to make this Club the best it can be to support our community."

"Anthony has already made positive impacts in budgeting, fundraising, organizational development and strategic planning. We believe Anthony's experience and successful leadership in higher education will be a great asset to our organization. He is focused on the individual academic success of our children and youth, he and his wife support our community 100 percent, he understands the details and also sees the big picture of how the Boys & Girls Club impacts the long-term economic development of our region, plus our kids just love him. In short, he's the right person at the right time, he gets it; and we're fortunate he's here," said Willson.

With six Club sites throughout the county, the Boys & Girls Club serves 1,500 Southern Appalachian children and youth in the achievement of academic success, building character and leadership skills, and learning to live healthy lifestyles.