Teen Maze

What is the Teen Maze?

The Teen Maze is an actual maze that’s designed to create critical thinking opportunities through life-like temptations and "wheel-of-choice" outcomes that are out of participants’ control.

Why does the Boys and Girls Club of the Monroe Area put on this event?

The Teen Maze is the conclusion of a 10 week "Think On Point" Abstinence Education program. "Think On Point" is facilitated in two school systems within Monroe County with 6th through 9th grade students. Education is not enough; it’s important to place the participants in an engaging environment that reiterates the information presented to them in class. The more of an "experience" the teens have, the greater of an impact we’re going to have in their lives.

How is the Teen Maze paid for?

The Boys & Girls Club of the Monroe Area is a recipient of the Community Based Abstinence Education grant through the State of Tennessee and the Department of Health. The grant covers all costs of our Abstinence Education programming.

How big is the maze?

The maze fills the average middle school gym. There are 30+ rooms, ranging from a Maternity Center, Sheriff's Department complete with a jail cell, a Wedding Chapel, and a Funeral Home.

What are some of the temptations and outcomes that participants may experience?

The temptations include Sexual Activity, Drugs, Tobacco, and Alcohol. Some of the possible outcomes are pregnancy, addiction, and DUI.

Who Works the Maze?

Each room is "staffed" by an experienced professional or knowledgeable individual, relevant to their role in the maze.

Does the Maze Work?

  • 92% of participants believed that "having premarital sex is risky behavior" & claimed that they "have not had sex before" nor do they plan to "have sex before marriage".
  • About 90% of students believe "consuming alcohol is risky behavior".
  • About 95% of students believe "using drugs is risky behavior".
  • 14% of participants admitted to having "used tobacco prior" to the maze, yet 95% of participants stated that after their maze experience they believe "using tobacco is risky behavior".

Teen Maze


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